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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Conundrum

Rosalyn turns ONE YEAR OLD in a little while, and I have absolutely no idea what to get her.

It wasn't this hard with Vivian. In fact, NO presents were this hard with her. The first child, you still seem to labour under this delusion that Lamaze toys really are worth 40.00, and that they textures will mean anything to a 3 month old. You don't really realize that most of the things you buy them, with either:
  1. Be chewed on, licked and then thrown under the couch
  2. Be totally ignored, except for the packaging
  3. Not even be looked at until you are about to Freecycle it.

Now I know better. Now, I'm hard pressed to buy ANYTHING for Rosalyn, because I know that I might as well just throw money into the wind. Plus, it's likely that we already own the toy in some capacity.

This is also compounded by the fact that Vivian insists on playing with anything we get Rosalyn, and that they both play with toys in totally different ways. Vivian is more of an experimenter, while Rosalyn actually uses toys in the ways they are intended. In fact, that seemed really odd to us.

"Look dear, she's putting the pegs in the holes. WOW."

I also want the first birthday present to be something special, which I didn't do for Vivian. Instead, I spent 40.00 on this walking toy that NEITHER child will play with to this day. I thought she'd dig it. HA! She did, however, love the tag, and was very upset when I took that away.

So I'm thinking of something birthstone related, but not earrings since I think that's gross and if they have my ears, then they won't be able to wear earrings anyway.

Any thoughts?

Monday, February 06, 2006

oh that's DAMN cool. Thanks to "The Other Mother" for the link.

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