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Friday, September 09, 2005

So....the doctors are smart, right?

Vivian goes to hospital.
They do tests. She has pneumonia.
She comes home with Zithromax.

3 days go by.

Our family doctor calls.

"is she on any antibiotics for her urine/likely bladder infection?"

" They didn't say she had that. They gave her antibiotics, but not for that."

"Hm. I'll ask the doctor if that should be ok."
"well gee, I'm a little worried, could you call me right back when you find out what we should do?"

"well, the doctor isn't in until Monday, but we'll call you , actually, if no one calls, you call us, ok?"

I feel confident in my medical system. I know for a fact that anytime I've had either a urine or bladder infection, they've known the second they look at the urine sample. They took one and tested it that day (or so they said). Since she had a drastic temp spike, it would make sense, since I've had those hit like a ton of bricks.

Fucking hell...does ANYTHING work in this province?

And to top off my week (which began with VIvian having a seizure and being rushed to hospital via ambulance), my sitter quit early, we can't find another, I have something viral, vile and annoying, I'm trying to work from home today, Vivian is apparently trying to nix a nap since she SCREAMS blue murder when we put her down AND they're ripping up the street in front of the house, meaning she CAN'T sleep if she even wanted too.

GREATGREATGREAT. AND now she's yelling OW for no reason. Which might have a reason since I have no idea how she got pnuemonia, or a bladder infection (if she actually has one)



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At 6:45 PM, Blogger PapaCool said...

Insurance companies cover second opinions at 100% because of this - a parenting nightmare!

At 12:41 AM, Blogger Joker said...

i hope she is better now...

At 5:16 PM, Blogger thordora said...

canadian health system-free equals pain in the ass, barely talk to doctor...



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