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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

7 Things: A meme story

From REDMUM (who incidentally, takes KICK ASS pictures)
Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

  1. Visit Machu Picchu
  2. Publish at least a Chapbook
  3. Be skinny just once without illegal drug assistance
  4. Travel with each daughter alone for a summer
  5. More tattoos. LOTS more.
  6. Have my own private studio space
  7. Love my life.

Seven things I can do

  1. Write poetry
  2. Sing (wellish-13 years of smoking mostly knackered my voice)
  3. Parent (despite my arguments otherwise)
  4. Cook
  5. Feel-I'm a WEE bit sensitive, like you haven't noticed
  6. Knit & Crochet
  7. Hitchhike without fear

Seven things I can not do

  1. Drive-never learned
  2. GO near bees-GIBBERING TERROR-think little girls screaming
  3. Dive. Never learned how to plug my nose
  4. Play any wind instruments. Unless you want something John Zornish
  5. Pay attention....bright shiny distract...what was I saying?
  6. Stay mad. I get over things quickly, hence the, "I love him, I hate him" posts about the Dorf
  7. Wear thongs on my butt or feet. I cannot STAND that flossy feeling in either place.

Seven things that I find really attractive about the opposite sex

  1. Wit
  2. Gentle kindness
  3. Ability to withstand a comfortable silence
  4. Integrity
  5. Honesty
  6. Passion for something, even if it isn't me.
  7. Myself reflected warmly in their eyes

Seven things I say the most

  1. "Dude"
  2. "N-O means Nu-Uh"
  3. "Is that really necessary?"
  4. "let's NOT run with scissors, hmm?"
  5. "I see we're experiencing a rectal cranial inversion again."
  6. "People here are idiots"
  7. "What's that smell, and where is it?"

(wow. I'm SUCH a mom)

Seven Books I love

  1. Good Omens : Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman. Should be required reading at all Catholic Schools. The footnotes are the best.
  2. The Edible Woman: Margaret Atwood. I twisted that book into more essays than should be legal.
  3. Jane Eyre-Jane Austen: Every girl needs something depressing
  4. The Belgariad: David & Leigh Eddings (Since I'm convinced she wrote the women) It's a series, but it's good solid characterization I'd like to see in a movie. Opens some interesting religous discussions as well.
  5. ANY Elizabethean books from Alison Weir. EXCELLENT writer of history. It really comes alive.
  6. Aygar by Steven Brust. Just beautiful tale of love. And a broken heart that bleeds from the pages. Melodramatic in a good way-and excellent and undervalued author.
  7. Magician: Apprentice & Master: Raymond Feist. Aside from my complaints with his female characters at times, always excellent plot and strong stories. I find these two his strongest works.

Wow. This meme was actually fun. Let's see....

Nat, Rocker Mommy, Lou, Raida, Joker, Kidlet, Karen....(not sure if everyone reads me, but worth a try.) Let me know if you've done it. This one is fun!

Happy back to school for those with kids that old!!!


At 6:50 PM, Blogger the rocker mommy said...

All right, I took you up on your loooooooong meme. Hardest part, not using too many of the same ones you had on there! LOL!

I sing, too. And my voice is also bedraggled by too many years of smoking.

At 8:18 AM, Blogger Red Mum said...

Its been funny to see people's lists and see things that I would have included in my own lists, such as The Edible Woman, I loved that book, it made me laugh and think!!!


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