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Monday, July 04, 2005

...that's what happened to Tom Cruise!...

he hung out at this monastery too much!

TANACU, Romania—Just weeks after 23-year-old Maricica Irina Cornici moved in January to an isolated hilltop monastery here with her brother, she began giggling during mass.
By April, she had descended into madness and doctors at a local psychiatric hospital diagnosed her condition as schizophrenia.
But for the monastery's two dozen nuns and its eccentric priest, it was not Cornici mocking and cursing them: It was Satan.
They chained her to a makeshift cross for three days, trying to cast him out. She died.
"You can't take the devil out of people with pills," the 29-year-old priest, Daniel Petre Corogeanu, told a Romanian television station during a four-hour interview taped just before he and the nuns were arrested last month.
The monastery has since been shut down by the Orthodox Church, Corogeanu defrocked and, along with four nuns, charged with murder and depriving a person of liberty. If convicted, each of the five could be sentenced to 25 years in prison.
But the death is more than simply a matter of misguided faith in the Romanian hinterland. It is a dark measure of the explosive growth that the Eastern Orthodox Church has experienced in the 15 years since the Soviet bloc disappeared; growth that has outstripped the speed at which the church can train clergy.
Corogeanu failed to get into a university in Bucharest to study sports or law, so he enrolled in religious studies at the theology department at the university in Iasi. A local bishop ordained him, despite his lack of experience, on the expectation that he would continue his studies part-time.
The church now concedes that such laxity has led to irregularities and has vowed to tighten rules for entering monasteries.
Corogeanu's services at the monastery attracted a fanatical following from the villages nearby. He also developed a flair for casting out demons.
Church leaders say the Orthodox Church has no specific exorcism rites beyond the reading of prayers. But the combination of a superstitious rural population and a wilful clergy has led to the spread of elaborate practices in recent years.
Corogeanu still has strong support in Tanacu, where many people contend Cornici was indeed possessed.


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